Min height: 1.30m
No Photoland Service

Name: Devil Race

Category: Extreme

Technology: Rally/Kracken Racer

Departure: dry with mat

Peculiarity: slide head first

Arrival: no pool

Find the game in the map


The goal is to escape from the flames of the Devil and challenge your friends, but to slide faster than your competitors you have to be brave, determined and crazy, the goal is to win but if you want to arrive first you have to be the fastest.

When you will finally see the checkered flag, you can claim victory, take a sigh of relief and, if you want, you can get ready for a new challenge!

Are you ready? Involve five of your friends and start the race!


Devil loves fighters, he admires who wants to challenge and has no fear.
This high-speed competitive mat ride where six racers rip down a staggeringly steep hill, head first is really crazy!

During the long 130 m slip, you only have to rely on your willpower and go as fast as possible.

Devil Race is a hybrid, combination of a Rally and a Kracken, and it concentrates the power and speed of both slides.

You better not make him angry and slip as fast as you can before the flames reach you.