About us

Etnaland Park
Catania (Sicily)

The Sicilian Amusement Park Etnaland, is located at the foot of one of the beauties on Unesco’s World Heritage List: the majestic Volcano Etna, very close to Catania. The park renewed its offer overtime,  proposing more and more exciting experiences to its guests and in 2001, with Etnaland’s Acquapark, it received great acclaim from the public as the top of Sicilian summer entertainment.

In 2013, Etnaland undertakes a new adventure with an ambitious project, as it creates an amusement park: the Themepark.  

Guests visiting Etnaland take a journey to an island of fun, filled with leisure opportunities: going from mainly playful activities in the Themepark and in the Aquapark, to didactic ones in its Prehistoric Park and its special botanical trail, attend a variety of edutainment shows and practical hands-on laboratories.

The Themepark is considered to be the jewel in the crown of automated attractions. During Spring and Fall season it is open at daytime, while in Summer it turns on its magical lights for a night time opening, giving you a thrill of amusement in an enchanting atmosphere. Highly spectacular amusement rides: the extreme ones as The StormEtnaland TowerQuasarVortigo; the adventurous one as Eldorado, The School, Revo-Rock; the boats of the Love Lagoon, the family coaster Hip Hop Coaster, the ‘splash battle’ Kaos and many others. The Themepark is also kid-friendly with Ciclopino Circus and The Dreams of Ciclopina, two special children's area full of colorful and entertaining attractions.

Summer in Etnaland offers a full day of excitement with the Aquapark. Incredible slides, aquatic attractions as the popular Kamikaze, rafts and boats, pools and relaxing areas. The aquatic park makes everyone surf the wave of fun. Wild RiverBig Foam, Rafting RiverStukasRio Anaconda are just few of the many slides and attractions of the park. Visitors will also find one of the largest wave pool in Europe and Miniland, a fully-equipped area dedicated to our little guests.

Both Themepark and Aquapark visitors will have access to 3 spectacular main rides: Jungle Splash, (a 30 meters spillwater)  Crocodile Rapids (wild rafting river) and Dragon River (midi flume ride). All these incredible attractions make Etnaland one of a kind among amusement parks.

During Themepark and Acquapark daytime opening, visitors can enjoy a journey leading them right to the Prehistoric era, among scientific reproductions of dinosaurs and humanoids that lived on our planet since 430 millions years ago. A journey across the Prehistoric era, discovering many interesting curiosities and facts about earth’s ancient inhabitants, and through the botanical trail with its very special flora.

Throughout the park gift shops, snack points, restaurants and photo service are on hand.

Etnaland offers the greatest amusement in Sicily for guests of any age.

Sail among all its wonders and enjoy your journey!