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Los Angeles Times: Etnaland Waterpark 15th among the 20 top waterparks in the world!

Notice of: 07/03/2013

Etnaland 15th among the 20 top Waterparks in the world!

Another prestigious award for Etnaland Waterpark, the Los Angeles Times has ranked Etnaland, the Sicilian Waterpark, 15th among the 20 most beautiful amusement parks in the world.

Another important award between the numerous received.
Further evidence that the commitment, hard work, creativity and passion are indeed right ‘gears’ to create a fantastic 'machine' of amusement and edutainment.
Be elected among the most beautiful parks in the world is a source of pride and true happiness to have racked up a stunning result among the biggest ones.

This is indeed a fantastic input to make sure that each summer can be a great amazing summer at Etnaland waterpark.

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